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     KMD Court Reporting Services, KMDCRS, is a verbatim transcription and deposition services company located in Arizona and can serve you remotely.  Our professional staff is here to provide and serve you quality deposition and verbatim transcription services, efficiently and promptly.   We have served clients in the courts, legal firms, and the private sector for over 30 years. Our levels of service are unsurpassed.

Kari Moore-Deysie, Registered professional reporter

Ms. Moore-Deysie, RPR has been a certified court reporter for more than 30 years after receiving a BS from Northern Arizona University and certification from the American Institute of Court Reporting. 

She specializes in the verbatim depositions of experts and possesses all of the relevant certifications, requisites, and study to function as an expert stenographic specialist.

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Provides state-of-the-art services for verbatim transcripts of depositions at your location or remotely. 

Is happy to host Zoom, and other remote appearance software packages, to take depositions remotely as well as in-person.

Offers a full range of verbatim transcription services available for all your needs.

Court and Legal Transcription Services

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KMDCRS Additional services

Zoom Depositions – includes coordination, hosting, and management of the deposition invitations  (and other video platforms.)

Notary Services – Mobile

Expert Proofreading

Public & Private Transcription Services

Freelance IT Consulting Services

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Our goals are to expeditiously provide comprehensive, quality, verbatim transcripts of court trials, depositions, hearings, and other proceedings at a competitive, fair cost to our clients.

We strive to keep our clients happy and satisfied as well as maintain a professional, successful relationship with them. 

To meet our clients’ needs and  keep them happy!

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Karine (Kari) truly loves being a court reporter.  She is happy to manage all facets of the business, but is still most happy taking testimony.  She has maintained a court reporting firm as long as it has been necessary in the State of Arizona.  She is courteous, professional, and takes pride in producing a clean and clear, verbatim record.

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Kari Moore-Deysie



AZ Firm #1128

AZCCR #50293

RPR #41681

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We always look forward to hearing from you.  Please call us or email us today to schedule deposition services, or to confirm status of an existing scheduled deposition.  We will call you to confirm, 24 hours in advance, all scheduled jobs on our calendar.  Thank you and we appreciate your business.

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Please call (480) 503-3236 M-F 8AM-5PM.  You can also try reaching Ms. Moore-Deysie on her cell phone (480) 203-9959.