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KMD Court Reporting Services,, is the freelance court reporting firm of Karine Moore-Deysie, RPR.  KMD Court Reporting Services (KMDCRS) is a registered court reporting firm in the State of Arizona.

Ms. Moore-Deysie has been a certified court reporter for more than 30 years, mostly serving the State of Arizona.  She is a Registered Professional Reporter with the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) and is a member of the Arizona Court Reporters Association (ACRA.)

KMDCRS also has in-house network service specialists that can design, configure, procure, install, manage, and train on all types of pertinent audio/visual, network, internet, and web technology solutions that are required in today’s faced-paced environments relative to court reporting.

Specialties such as sound attenuation, sound capture, sound reinforcement, teleconferencing, video capture, video teleconferencing, fast and reliable networking are just some of the capabilities KMDCRS will bring to fulfill your needs.

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Karine graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

After college, wanting to pursue a career in court reporting, she enrolled in the American Institute of Court Reporting and successfully completed their program and achieved a certificate.


A SERVICE Team You Can Rely On

KMDCRS knows how to manage depositions, people, places, and, most of all, transcript production.

KMDCRS has put together an extensive portfolio of contacts and resources to assist your needs by utilizing all of the tools that are at our disposal from our state-of-the-art information technology team, including tapping the resources of fellow colleagues, court reporters, editors, interpreters,  proofreaders, and videographers, to other pertinent industry professionals.

The teams KMDCRS puts together are unparalleled in their ability to complete tasks and projects, both large and small,  high quality and on time.

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